Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday Trees

The day we created these masterpieces, I was enjoying a rare friday afternoon off from work, having the luxury of getting to make whatever we wanted. I'm obsessive about reusing things, but Selina really takes it to the next level. So, our only limitations were that we use what was on hand, and of course, make it beautiful.

First up, the classic holiday red yarn, we wound it around the styrofoam form, and it stuck pretty great like velcro. Then we had to take it to the next level and affixed giant jewels on it, and topped it off with a circle of felt to keep it all cohesive.
Yarn Tree
For the next 2, you can see the purple one in the background on the right, Selina cut individual felt squares and pinned them on for a shingled effect. I covered the one in the foreground w/ linen scraps left from a bookmark project that you can see Selina hand embroidered!! That was just the base coat, b/c I didn't want any of that green styro showing. Then, those rounds of burlap which were leftover from this project of hers, were layered with pins and sequins for the rustic tree.

Add some tinsel that has been literally in my gift wrap drawer since the 90's, and there you have it!

Next up, we took a circle punch to this beautiful Japanese paper and then with pin and sequin in hand, attached them. It's pretty and fluttery in person. You get the idea. :)

Lastly, going with the hole punch theme, the martha stewart butterfly punch was put to good use, yet again to decorate this linen covered one....

Until it dawned on us that d'oh!!! GLITTER TREE needs some help, and the butterflies, pins & sequins and all flew over to that one.

And our crafternoon resulted in this pretty assortment. I can so see it in the window of a chic little boutique, or in Selina's living room. ;)

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  1. :O How did I miss this post??!?!? They look so cute in pictures!! And, of course, even cuter in person!! I'm going to be sad the day they have to be boxed up in the attic for 11 months. Won't they be lonely?? :( I don't want to put them away!!!