Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Quilt Fest 2011!

Hey Reader!

I know for some, just reading the word "quilt" makes people want to sleep under one. But HELLO, those people aren't reading my blog. :-) If you are one of those people, take a no-doz and soldier on.

Last week, Houston hosted the International Quilt Festival, the largest show of its kind in the U.S., insanity!! This insightful documentary captures some of the awesomeness that is the IQF. But, in the same way that you can't put Baby in the corner, you also can't fully capsulize the world that is IQF in a mere 72 minutes, but you sure can try.

So naturally, my friend Selina and I had to go and check it out for ourselves...for a second year in a row! Thanks to another friend, Elizabeth, who has friends in high places, we were hooked up with tickets, although, truth be told, we would be just as happy to fork over the $10 for admission if we had to!

This fest takes over the convention center from end to end, taking up (seemingly) every last square foot of the 1.2 MILLION there. Hey, quilts take up space, and quilters need their elbow room. To my untrained eye, it seemed as though there was a general 70% of the space dedicated to companies selling their wares and 30% which was the display space of the entrants that made the cut to show at the IQF. Shopping and a museum all in one. Shopping until you drop, which we also did.

And I am crazy for pictures, so here are a couple of my all time fav's from this year...

Electric Faerie of the Getty Garden by Sheila Frampton-Cooper
 I love the way the colors just POP against the bright white.

And this one was my all time fav... I can smell the cheery cherry blossoms!!
Sakura Sakura by Hiroko Miyama

The detail is just amazing!!