Monday, January 31, 2011

Shell, nook, and sandal

Helloooo reader!!

I've been away for a while, but only from my blog, and not my craftsphere. Here are just
a few of the things I've been working wrap up 2010, I made a sparkled sequin ball, just
over 275 sequins and pins. No, I'm not OCD like Mr. Monk, but rather, I went through a whole pkg of the straight pins (250) and some change on a new one. Sparkles everywhere. I tried sewing them, but they aren't the flat kind that smart tailors use, they are the concave/convex dish shaped ones perfect for pinning.
I love the sequins because they take up so little space, but have high wow factor, and they can take a project from wooo, to WHOA!

I have also been caught up with the saying from merry old England, "Keep Calm and Carry On" from world war II, legend has it.
I found this clever site where you can come up with any saying and it produces it to 'make it yours' so in honor of the cool temps, I came up with this one, with a cute kisser to go along with it.

 I used the Cricut and sure cuts a lot to free the saying from it's bland paper prison.

Then I was inspired by this old movie that was on the telly. 1958, Bell, Book & Candle starring Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak. The story was not as great as I had hoped, but the decor was beyond! Novak's character is a Witch who has a shop all decorated for Christmas with the coolest tree I'd ever seen in a movie.

 It totally reminded me of notmartha's 2010 incredible creation. When I get handy with a jigsaw, I just might try to make something similar to the one in that movie.

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  1. Love it all!!! Have you finished my order of a dozen sequin balls yet?? ;) Totally love the balm poster!! Makes me laugh everytime. :) And put that tree on our list of Christmas crafts this year!!!!!!