Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Musings on muses from the interweb

Hey there, Reader!!

Call it what you will, blogger's block, PR fever,  humid 100+ degree summer days, or some combination thereof. I was thoroughly inspired by the seemingly limitless supply of talented bloggers and the blogs they lovingly tend to on the interweb.

My latest muses are notmartha and alisaburke (the latter just discovered by Pintobean herself just hours ago). I was in awe of the amazing floor that alisaburke painted, and from her site I discovered colourlovers which I of course had to promptly join. OH WHAT A SITE! (to be sung in your head to the tune of 'oh what a night!') Ah, the gadgets they have are making me run out of superlatives...a color palette maker, a pattern maker, OH THE PATTERNS...Easily, a place I can lose myself in for hours.

Then I had a yen for my beloved polyvore, but couldn't remember my pw. So I created a new account at shopstyle. I didn't find it as user friendly as pv, but in all fairness, I haven't spent much time on it as of yet.