Thursday, December 30, 2010


Hello Reader!

Which brings me to some of my latest projects, reupholstery. I recovered the seats of  some fabulous danish style dining room chairs which, after over 10 years of use were showing their wear. And it was just as easy as they say it is, pop out the old cushion and staple gun the new one on, presto. Unless you are like me and prefer to remove the fancy backing so you can put it back on when you are done for that less homemade look. ;) all in all, it took me about 8 hours for 5 chairs.

before-ish, what great bone structure!


Then, my friend Selina and I had been steadily working on recovering a giant cornice for her house. The most challenging part of that project was matching up the fabric & sewing it to have (seemingly) invisible seams. (this is a great resource for an option we didn't try to use) Turns out, we just aren’t the kind of crafters who give up easily, and 6 times is a charm! Stapling it back over the original cornice was comparatively a piece of cake. Here's the story on the fabric used.

hospital corners @ the edges

the back

voila! the front

a better look at that perfect corner

Of all these pictures, I didn't get one of it after it was put up!! D'oh!!


  1. D'oh!! I can take a pic of it and send it! How about instructions on how you got that fabulous invisible seam!!!! Love the chairs!!!!

  2. Duuuude, I don't have a clue how WE made that seam invisible, just don't make me do it again!!