Wednesday, August 1, 2012

C@FB - July 2012

It's that time again, the Olympics! The summer oly's, which are really my favorite, just don't tell the winter oly's that I said that.

I'm addicted to the Olympics, and to make me feel better about said addiction which leads to marathon tv watching (which isn't an olympic sport--I checked) I like to work on something super crafty, so far I've made a super simple dress for my youngest niece using this pattern...and I'm on something of a sewing tear...good thing I've got a machine. {insert laugh here} And of course, I am also going to make something for her 2 older sisters as well, but sewing for a toddler who hasn't yet become a fashionista has an upside. ;P

I've haven't made any clothing from scratch in a loooong time, and my track record in that department hasn't been so great, but I'm giving it another try. I've found lots of tutorials at Dana Made It, and she's got some great ideas and insights. I'm a DIY'er at heart, but I'm slowly learning that a little research can save a lot of mistakes when I'm learning something new.

What are you going to make next??

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  1. too cute. i hope you perfected your skillz for baby bean. please and thank you.