Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Captivating Trend

After noticing 2 blogs that I follow (le catch & chic steals) mentioning the silver cap trend on flats on the same day, it sent my crafty senses all a-twitter.

I already had the perfect pair of flats that needed some help, and I was just recently introduced to the greatness that is aluminum foil tape. A-mazing magical tape!! The makers of it were more genius than they ever knew when they called it 'multi-purpose' HELLO.

I already used it on the cigar box makeover here. But now for the unveiling....

I made a template using a post-it note to get the right size for the toe cap (the before one on the left's patent leather toe isn't so noticable) then I cut out the same size from the foil tape and burnished it on the shoe smoothing out the round parts to make it look fluid. :-)


  1. So cute!!!! Those shoes are perfect for this project!!!

  2. I love that!! i have made some too some time back, and i use them alll the time!!! really like them!!

    love K