Friday, December 16, 2011

Ugly Sweater Party

For our bookclub holiday party this year, the hosts came up with the idea that is sweeping the nation...the ugly sweater party!! Unfortunately, this gem of crafty goodness was thrown in with my other crafts in December and due nearly on the same day!! But how often do you get the chance to make something truly, madly, ugly...on purpose?! I tried to go the ugly route, but I couldn't do it, something in my crafty genes wouldn't allow it. So instead I found my inner Gaga diva and went for tacky. If a little shine is good, a WHOLE lot of shine is great, right?!?

The party was a blast, and those who participated, ahem, really turned it out. The other participants were more old school with their approach and went with things that had been actually worn/made by someone without the intent of irony. Not so with my disco ball approach to sparkle it up. I even went the extra mile to make a hair accessory. Watch out project accessory, if you sponsor a "tacky" challenge, you might have competition in me. Of course, I had to stay true to my roots of reusing whenever possible, so...I found this sparkly cardigan and sewed on a swath of RED stretch sequins along the front all the way around the collar and back down, and then both cuffs.

The part that made the sweater had to be the glittered poinsettias I scored at the dollar store. I had 3 but the sweater was so small, I really couldn't find a good place for the 3rd one, which is why I made it into a hair accessory...


  1. LOL! I love it! Particularly the hair accessory!

  2. Hehehe. Love it. Although you had like 1000 yards of a certain striped ribbon to choose from so I am wondering why you didn't use any.... ;)

  3. @Selina...Ironically, I made 7 yo-yo's out of that ribbon, but I just wasn't feeling it w/ this sweater. it was too short on sparkle!!

  4. This ugly sweater is brilliant--love the giant flowers!