Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Miss-take free

So as you may or may not remember, I unsuccessfully tried to visit the Missoni Pop Up Shop during FNO. While I am nowhere near a die hard fashionista, I am more of an interested bystander. I think it would be nice to have something cute from this collection, but it isn't a MUST for me. Anyway, my BFF Melinda's birthday just went around the corner, and I was racking my brain and my craft stash for card ideas when it hit me....I need to do a Missoni inspired card.

With my trusty computer, cricut, and sure cuts a lot, and paper stash, I was good to go. I settled on the sine wave curve (ya know, from math class?) and used that as my foundation. I also knew I had to include the iconic designer's M from their logo, and coupled with the fact that it is for Melinda, it was too perfect to pass up.

I cut out my envelope using a template from Judikins, and as fate would have it, the pattern is herringbone, which is very Missoni-like. I reused an envelope when I made this new one, and for the 'body' of the card, I repurposed a file folder. :)

I haven't sent this off yet, so please don't tell the birthday girl!! I know I can trust you!!

An EXTREME closeup of the envelope:

now the card....
and now....both!


  1. missoni would be proud. i am. oh and i want more of those envelopes please!!!!