Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Martha, can you hear me?

I don't know how many times I've watched the Martha Stewart Show, and shockingly, it had never dawned on me to try to attend a taping. I thought I should start with a lesser known show, so I had secured 'tickets' to the Nate Berkus Show which I actually do record, but I don't watch as diligently. I used quotes around tickets b/c it turns out they were more like reservations in the ether. Whatever the reason, they didn't have enough the day I showed up, with my 'confirmation' in the freezing cold. No matter, I soldiered on and hit mood for a friend who loves PR even more than I do.

After I was able to get back to home base and defrost, my sister suggested that we go for broke and try to get into a Martha taping, as standbys no less. Well, clearly the cold weather had gotten to her head, but we took a chance, and with a LOT of help from "Lisa is bossy" 's blog which gave us the ins & outs of standby for MS show. So this is where the freezing cold temps played in our favor, b/c they actually had space for us and at least a half dozen others. That was AWESOME. Then, they had even more standby tix available for the afternoon taping. My sister couldn't make it, but I didn't have any other pressing obligations so I went to that one too! Now I know what Vidal Sassoon looks like!

In celebration of NATIONAL CRAFT MONTH (yes, I have to yell it!) I'm going to do the seemingly impossible and post everyday in March!! I must hurry as it is 11:55 pm now!

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