Thursday, May 31, 2012

C@FB - May 2012

It started with those Sally Hansen salon effects nail strips...they all looked so tempting yet one time use-y and a little intense for my everyday look, rocking the part of a cubicle drone. ;P So I continued to  crush from afar...

Then...I found out about this nail stamping craze innocuously enough...I saw a flyer for some 'as seen on tv' product, and while the DVR has taken the wind out of my infomercial viewing...I was surprised this one got by me. So naturally, I consulted the interweb to find out that before this mass marketed one hit every major retail store in the land, there were others...and I zeroed in on the Konad one because it looked like it had the best design choices.

I usually never paint my nails b/c the chips drive me bananas, but what I loved about this is that I can stamp on my barenaked nails and the chips don't show so much, in fact, it looks like an intentional french manicure...woo hoo. Granted, this was just day one, but I was pretty pleased w/ the results. It took a bit of practice to get the technique down, but it was totally worth it. Much to my chagrin, I hadn't bought polish in a looooong time, but I found this super old bottle of sally hansen chrome pink, and it worked like a charm. And all those fashionistas out there that recommend using an old credit card instead of the Konad scraper? They were so right on.

Have you tried these stamping systems or nail strips? What is your fav?


  1. haven't tried any yet! I've been waiting for you to teach me everything you know about it :)

  2. I don't have strips or stamps but I know someone really awesome who does....and I think she will share....

  3. Hi darling!! Thank you so much for your encouraging comment! People don't usually stare at the design details of my blog, they just look at the final result of the DIY's and can't even imagine how long it takes for me to design the tutorials. That clutch process took me a whole weekend drawing with vectors, and I wasn't even sure about if it was going to be easy to understand!

    By the way! I've been wanting to try these weird nail art stamps. Your nails look fabulous!

    A big big hug!

  4. i LOVE the stamping systems!!!! My fav is my chevron pattern!!! I normally do beige base with neon pink chevron!! :)

    love K