Monday, October 4, 2010

Simple Treasures

I first learned about this craft from my crafting buddy and lifestyle maven in-training, Selina, on her inspiring blog. Selina has boundless energy and creativity for everything she does, and her crafting is no exception. She let me go through her fabric stash to choose the perfect decorative accent to make these burp cloths truly one of a kind. We chose this pretty print, since I knew that I had to feature pink prominently.

Then she had the perfect soft brown polka dotted mini corderoy and pink flannel left from a project she'd made for another lucky little girl. Then she challenged me to get crazy and 'get cute' with the fabrics. So I did, unintentionally, which is the best kind of crafting. I knew right away that I wanted to do a colorblock one

and after I finished that one, I had applique on my mind. I've never really tried machine applique so it it was unchartered territory, and on the 2nd try, I'm mostly happy with the results....but there is still room for improvement, as you may see on the closeup...but (upon further reflection, looking at it 24 hours later) I love it and I hope my sister will love using them for her bundle of joy. And I was excited to 'make it my own' as well by adding a little fabric loop on the corner so they can hook the cloth on to a (teething?) ring or something so it'll be less likely to be lost.

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  1. Awwww! They look sooo cute!! The heart looks awesome! I will need you to give me a live tutorial now. :)