Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sisterhood of the travelling stamps

Oh my how time flies when you are crafting, this is just too true in my case.  Well, true to my word from post #3, I am sticking to that one post/one month pledge, on this, the eve of the new month. I know, you are overwhelmed. :) But REALLY, I have been busy crafting, and a lot of it had to be kept under wraps since one of the only people who read this blog-ette (ette, b/c it is so small) was a recipient of the crafty goodness. But now all can be revealed!

So, early in June was Sharmee's bday and mrs pint0bean blogged about the card project so nicely, I'll have to link to it here. Well, then late in June, was Mrs Pint0bean's bday, so naturally, Sharmee and I put our heads together for her card.. We knew it had to be clever, colorful, and 'suitable for framing' so we came up with a twist on the traditional quilling technique, which is basically rolling up thin strips of paper into pretty coils and swirls. Our twist was that we used curling ribbon instead since it comes in such vibrant colors, which are essential when you are celebrating someone's bday who also has a vibrant personality. 
From Drop Box

 So it kind of looks like fruit loops, no? Anyway, we made lots of them and carefully glued them down...

and as I'm trying to upload these pix, as an aside, darn you, Picasa, for not playing well with windows!! I finally got the hang of tagging my photos in windows, and Picasa doesn't speak the same tag language. hmph.

add some rhymes to complete the inside...

and voila!!!!

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  1. LOVE!! What a awesome card! I think I am the winner of this round, however, since you guys did all the work and I get to keep it! Muhahaha!!! Awesome title, too, BTW. :)